kamal b. nirmul

Entrepreneurial Visionary Graphic Artist

My career in graphic design started in 1998, Since then I have excelled and charted a dynamic course in graphic design in a wide range of work from freelance design to business management and operations.  A role-playing life leader with polished skills in architectural signage, graphics, brand development, promotional strategies, marketing solutions, product design, music production, and even eye-catching skateboarding apparel.


Educational Versatility and Expertise

Backed by a trio of college degrees—a Technical Diploma in Multimedia, an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Graphic Design, and a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Graphic Information Technology—I possess a comprehensive grasp of both the artistic and technical dimensions of my craft with a solid educational background and always learning.


Decades of Diverse Creative Experience

With a robust 26-year career in various creative roles across small and large retail businesses, spanning franchises to privately owned enterprises, I have worn multiple hats. These roles include Graphic Designer, Technical Writer, Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Operations Manager, and Art Director. Notably, my experience in Architectural Signage Manufacturing encompasses designer-style architectural signage projects on a global scale and my tenure as the operations director of a national sign factory and retail shops. Additionally, I have served as a National and global Project Manager and became a Senior Signage Graphic Designer.


Harmonizing Music & Artistry

My passion for the arts transcends various mediums, inspired by my father's music and singing, with a musical interest in the violin as a youth and a percussionist in concert band in high school. Began to DJ in my early high school days. After years of being a DJ hobbyist, I became a professional DJ for a mobile DJ company called Mix Masters in Dover NJ.  Soon to follow I would be a Marketing Technical Writer DJ with manufacturing experience for Gemini Sound Products for various types of DJ gear. With 33 years plus years of DJ experience, I became a stage performer and also would do private corporate events, weddings, high school dances, birthday parties, dance music events, festivals, clubs, and concerts.  My artistic diversity also run through hobbies such as video gaming, multimedia & the fine arts including origami, painting, and handcrafted jewelry.


Embracing Cultural Unity, Fusion, and Education

My upbringing echoes an influential mix of Northern India & Durban South Africa, and have traveled to the Far East & the Near West.  I am a weekend New Yorker who lived in New Jersey for over 3 decades and 10 years in Tampa Bay Florida. My travels have sent me to Asia to teach English in Nanjing, China, with Chinese kindergarteners and grade school students. Proud son of Bisram Nirmul a South African Indian American Chef who was a Senior Fuel Chemist.  I have inherited Indian cooking skills since my youth at our family's Indian restaurant called "The Golden Peacock". All of these unique cultural gifts have shown me the arts & culture in many ways.  I pay thanks & respect to honor my parents & ancestors.


Seeker of Knowledge & Wisdom

I am a recipient of Awards, Scholarships, Grants, and Business opportunities, Kamal is an avid pursuer of knowledge and wisdom.  I have been honored with various awards and opportunities. 

My unwavering commitment to seeking avenues for growth, technology, and innovation fuels my active exploration of these resources, enabling me to contribute significantly to my creative community initiatives.


Savvy Self-Made Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

An astute entrepreneur and philanthropist, my love for my cats has led me to the path of creating "Lotus Paw", a non-profit cat rescue side project. All the while balancing a mix of education and business.  Experiencing and learning through various realms of the creative industry, I embrace a perpetual learning mindset, exploring nature, the arts, and technological resources essential for collective success.


Vedic Holistic Approach to Life & Art

Beyond my creative and entrepreneurial pursuits, I'm a spiritual practitioner of Meditation who is devoted to Indian prayer and chant. Embracing the Vedic knowledge I embrace Indian wellness in a holistic approach to life & art with acceptance and respect to all of life. I Kamal Nirmul, share my cultural wisdom by sharing the wisdom of true Indian yoga & meditation with ayurvedic principles that epitomize the journey of the human spirit in a Renaissance of East and West.


Kamal presents Lotus Grafx, a vision of a tapestry of artistry, music, culture, digital media, and innovation of diverse talent that blends a harmonious network of family, clients, artists, friends, tribes & cats.